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I have joined forces with powerhouse actress Gabrielle Byndloss to create The Membership, a bicoastal online community for actors to feel less crazy, supported, and safe inside this insane industry. 

After building our friendship without ever having met, we realized we were doing so much to help each other feel more creative and so much less lonely, while also sharing insights into our LA + ATL markets that neither of us knew...and that more actors needed this. 

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What To Do When You're Not Working is the newest OBA class but something I have been creating for over a year now. I wanted to create a all about the in-between time we have as actors, never knowing when our next job will arrive, and how to use it to the best of our abilites. I want us to get real about the mindset of "quest time", use our time wisely and execute on our goals, and most of all understand how normal this is for all of us! 

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After spending years making content, constantly interviewing professionals in the space, and growing in my own career (and so many mistakes made) I realized I needed a space to give even more. Somewhere I could prioritize actor's needs without an algorithm or someone watching and critiquing who didn't get it (aka no trolls). And a space to bring us all together to feel less lonely/crazy/confused in this career path

So Patreon was born. If you're a fan on daily content, true behind the scenes, and personalized blogs/videos/podcast episodes...this is the place for us. 

And it was very important to me this was the most accessible group on the internet, sothe Patreon is $4...less than a mediocre cup of overpriced LA coffee...or the parking meter to get one.

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For less than the price of a mediocre cup of Starbucks, you can join the Patreon community, get monthly bonus podcasts on everything from the latest classes I took, what I am focusing on, feedback from casting, and so much more. 

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$4.00 / month

rave reviews from patreon members:

"I truly trust her, she genuinely wants to see people succeed. You can tell she is a great artist because of how vulnerable she is by sharing her own mistakes and thoughts about her own career journey. She will be honest with you while also having so much empathy for what actors put themselves through everyday.

Kindness without the bullshit. Big sister vibes."

-Anastasia Kasimos

"Sam is REAL! No fluff about making her acting journey seem like a piece of cake. She shows the real side of this business. She's kind, giving, helpful, and f*cking awesome!!!

A little goes a looooong way. The little things you put together for us, the questions you ask, the content you bring, it's all so incredibly!"

- Dan O'Brien

"After being in the Patreon, I feel clearer, like I have accomplished something that usually takes me a long time to do while alone.

Sam is down to earth, meets you exactly where you're at without any judgement, clear about what she's here to do."

- Aidan Rees

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The Working Actor Workshop is intended to bridge the gap between deciding to act professionally in a major market and actually doing it. We cover what the financial commitment really looks like, how to survive in a big city while also pursuing your acting career, what finding your brand looks like, how to translate that into getting reps, and with all this how you can potentially achieve balance and have a life outside of acting too. I know…it’s a lot. That’s also why it sells out every time.

the working actor workshop

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These are designed to be one-off calls with Sam to work out a specific problem or question you have about yourself in this career. From sorting through online profiles to show your best work & branding, writing hard emails to future or former reps, or figuring out what your next focus should be, we cover a LOT in an hour.


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The Actor Dictionary is a full breakdown of words and phrases you will hear throughout your career, and instead of doing what I did (pretending to know and really f*cking up) you can legit learn them now. More knowledge = more power. And this industry needs your power. Trust me. 


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"every minute was filled with valuable information."

After our work I feel assured that I'm doing all the proper things that need to be done to keep me moving forward, but also enjoying life in all the other ways besides acting. I am very grateful for the PDF resources - I'm such a fan of checklists and tools to help organize/brainstorm different elements in life - especially in the business of acting where most things can seem just quite 'up in the air' when you start out. 

Anlezia Moné
- Working actor workshop

"Maybe raise the price!"

Before we worked, I felt like I would get the same general advice that most other professionals tell me, but Sam helped me view the business side of acting in a very useful and personalized way.

I learned that I should have my headshots working for me and what I want to accomplish rather than against me when it comes to casting. Maybe raise the price because it'll probably become a very popular option!

Brock Crockom - coffee call

 "I'm so grateful to have found OBA at this point!"

"There are so many different ways to be a working actor, and the place to start is with yourself as a human. Sam giving us "permission" to be full humans and not always be stressing about doing more was an enormous relief and exactly what I needed to hear."

Bailey Doran
- working actor workshop