This is an evergreen online class I created for easy accessibility no matter your life/schedule. I wanted to create a class all about the in-between time we have as actors, never knowing when our next job will arrive, and how to use it to the best of our abilities.

I want us to get real about the mindset of "quiet time", using our time wisely, learning to execute on our goals, and most of all understand how normal this is for all of us! 

what is it?

Class is split into 4 sections:

  • Acceptance & Appreciation
  • Using Your Time Wisely
  • The Homework
  • Reflect, Rinse, and Repeat

Each is created to be accessible at any point in your career and give you tangible homework as well as mindset lessons to make this 'downtime' not only tolerable but actually enjoyable & useful.

The class is evergreen so you can enjoy it on your own schedule! You can binge the class all at once but I would recommend you slowly absorb it overtime, as many of the lessons are gradual and build to small changes.

how does it work?

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what to do
when you're not working

oh and it includes

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The full follow-along workbook, 36 pages for you to work on each section's take-away advice and tips, implement your own goal setting, scheduling, and nail down exactly how you what to feel + what you want to do with this time.

here's how I see it:

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your words,
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After the class I feel focused, excited, determined, and motivated! My biggest takeaway is being wise with scheduling my week evenly, and not overloading myself. And Sam is a rockstar/ray of sunshine!

-Brianna Ferris

As the workshop came to a close, I was feeling a lot more positive and inspired to take some actions in the more neglected areas of my VO career and personal life, while waiting on a bunch of things out of my hands and a particularly slow season.

Felt determined to change my mindset and focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.

I kid you not, the second the workshop finished, I decided to check my email one last time for the day, with the plan to only commit 10 minutes to it and then move on to another area as suggested, and BAM. There were 2 booking notifications and a request to speak on a convention panel. What magic is this?!?

- Laci Morgan

I feel like like I've been running in place
(I am putting in the work, but not moving anywhere) in my career/life/etc. But this class was a great way to be re-inspired, encouraged that everyone in our industry feels this way, and gave great re-framing options for the false "beliefs" we can be taught, like Sam reframing the whole 'when work gets slow here's what I think and believe' cycle.

- Courtney Mentzel

The class is $197. Once you pay in full you will have lifetime access and never be charged again, even if I add more to the class in the future. And the class is fully available to you the moment you purchase. 

Yup! You can pay in full or split it into two payments of $98.50. You will not be charged anything extra for choosing the payment plan.

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