the working actor workshop is not an acting class.
it's a survival class.

the working actor workshop

⁠the working actor workshop is not an acting class.
it's a survival class.

This two-day workshop is intended to bridge the gap between deciding you want to act professionally and getting to work in a major market!⁠⁠
I felt that there was a HUGE missing link between actor's taking acting classes to learn the true craft of acting and the actual business itself. In my opinion, both pieces of the puzzle are equally important in the current market - you cannot survive on one without the other.

So the Working Actor Workshop was born.

Let me use my eleven years of experience and countless interviews/time spent learning from the decision-makers themselves to save you hours and hours of wondering where the hell you should start, feeling totally unprepared, or like you're missing something major in the pursuit of being a working actor.

PLUS to make this a well-rounded experience, I have tagged in mindset coach Amy McNabb and actor-finance specialist Miata Edoga for bonus workshops too, included in your price. 

And yes, all classes are recorded so you have full access if you need to miss an hour or a full day! 

what is it?

Do you know how much money a working actor makes? Let's talk about your plan for maintaining financial security in this unstable career. Sadly this is left out of so many "actor" presentations and I'll explain why it's so damn important! 


We are constantly told to lean into our authentic type...but how are we supposed to figure this out? Do we ask friends and family? Acting coaching? The overwhelm! Actors are also told that headshots are our foot in the door of casting so let's break down exactly how we do and don't use them effectively. 

branding & headshots

It seems like this elusive key to the castle, how the f*ck does everyone in Hollywood know each other?! Networking gets such a bad wrap in my opinion and I am going to share with you how I mentally shifted my entire networking perspective and how this one change resulted in three separate joke. 



$87.50 / 4 months

me please

pursing acting

agents and managers

balance & having a life outside the business

Where should you put your focus first? Do you still need class if you already have a solid acting education? What makes a good class anyway? Here we will answer all these questions plus highlight the massive difference between the "openness to work in acting" and the actual pursuit of the work. 

Getting them, keeping them, booking jobs with them, emailing them, holy cow this can feel like the power struggle of a lifetime. Also when should you think about getting reps anyway? Let's take the stress out of these relationships together.

Believe it or not, this is the most important section in the entire workshop because we are going to tackle the core of having longevity and happiness in this business, which means setting boundaries and having a full life.

what we cover


working actor mindset workshop

build your budget workshop

We'll be discussing how to get your head in the right place for the persistence, determination, and longevity required for success and fulfillment in this career. So many actors feel like they need to *rush* to their big break, but we're going to talk about how to be consistent (and calm!) over time in the pursuit of this career, while actually living and loving your regular life.

full resource guide

Remember that this is an HONEST guide to surviving and thriving in your market…and that means we’re going to talk about money! Nothing ends a career faster than the inability to financially sustain yourself. I want you to have the necessary tools to build a financial foundation that actually supports your goals and dreams. (this class is prerecorded)

We are going to cover a LOT in these workshops and I want you to be able to reference back to them. So, not only will you get a recording of each day, but you will also get an extensive resource guide filled with links, special discounts, and a list of every source mentioned in class!

with amy Mcnabb

with miata edoga

rave reviews from WAW alum:

What felt good about this workshop was that we were all there together, working together as a group. Sam wasn't lecturing us from a podium with a power point; we were all contributing, learning, laughing, and had comradery. We were best friends for a few hours. No judgement. 

If someone is on the cusp of whether or not to take this workshop, whatever is holding you back, let it go. The material is invaluable. 

Dan O'Brien

So refreshing! The industry can be so overwhelming, but Sam has a gift of breaking down steps to make it fun and manageable. 

I feel empowered to start processing through it all! Ready to take the next steps in my career.

Melissa Dunn
-Los angeles

The Workshop made me feel more confident in making a plan, more in touch with reality, and happy that many of the things I'm doing so far seem to be correct. 

Sam was awesome! She's really down to earth, genuine, honest and doesn't hold back in her answers. Chatting with her in this workshop was like having a friend give you advice, not like I attended a boring seminar or online recording.

Carolyn Asuncion
-Manila, Philippines 

omg when is this



June 24th & 25th

oct 7th & 8th

let's talk money

Most classes cover one of the above topics, With the WAW I think all our topics are all equally important in creating a long-term career so they are all set up for the price of one regular workshop.

Reserve your spot by paying for the full class today or you can pay the deposit of $100 and you will be charged for the remainder on the day of your first class.

pay-in-full or deposit

$350 or $100 deposit

Being price-inclusive is really important to me, since I know how wild actor finances can be. Therefore we created a 4-month payment plan that is the exact same price as the pay-in-full and deposit plan. You can also join the payment plan at any point in time and apply it to a future workshop, no questions asked. 

payment plan

$87.50 / 4 months

payment plan

"I felt nervous that I would be way far behind everyone else"

Before the workshop, I felt nervous that I would be way far behind everyone else. But after, I feel ready to hit the ground running! And relieved that I don't have to figure it all out on my own.

Sam was knowledgable, professional, personable!

Ruby Welkovich - NYC

"every minute was filled with valuable information."

After our work I feel assured that I'm doing all the proper things that need to be done to keep me moving forward, but also enjoying life in all the other ways besides acting.

I am very grateful for the PDF resources - I'm such a fan of checklists and tools to help organize/brainstorm different elements in life - especially in the business of acting where most things can seem just quite 'up in the air' when you start out. 

Anlezia Moné
- Cape Town, South Africa

 "I'm so grateful to have found OBA at this point!"

"There are so many different ways to be a working actor, and the place to start is with yourself as a human.

Sam giving us "permission" to be full humans and not always be stressing about doing more was an enormous relief and exactly what I needed to hear."

Bailey Doran
- nyc