1. Melanie McNulty says:

    First off I feel the need to say I’m SO sorry you were attacked like this. People being angry or feeling insecure about their own lives or schedules, and/or jealous of yours for whatever reason, is not your fault. They don’t understand what a life of an actor, or any freelancer for that matter, looks like. Also literally everyone has to shower and eat whether or not they write it into their schedule. I can tell you as a fellow actor with also an insanely scheduled out day (including so called “down time” which is really carved out self care time so I don’t lose my f*cling mind being in this industry). I’m sorry you received the hate, but I’m sending you love. Keep doing what you’re doing, because the people like me who need to see this content appreciate it! Everyone else should maybe create a morning routine to journal about their anger rather than wasting their time trolling someone on Instagram ‍♀️. So thank you. Let’s send those other people some love too since they apparently need it.

  2. A says:

    Haters are nothing but jealous people. Who knows what THEIR schedule looks like, but whatever it is, they are not happy and are probably struggling. The hate projected at you is the hate they feel for their life circumstances.

  3. Alejandro E says:

    First off, you have no need to explain yourself. I’m currently taking on life coaching, and one thing that we always talk about is planning out our day! Which, yes, includes showers, meditating, eating, journaling, whatever the case is. When we don’t plan out our day, our day ends up getting away from us. When you interact with other people who have 9-5s, yes, they too will have blocks in their schedule such as meetings, lunch, respond to email, etc. It’s the exact same thing you’re doing Sam, it’s just DIFFERENT. So you’re doing exactly what you SHOULD be doing to be able to manage your day, your life, and your success. Keep doing you!

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