1. Dija says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. I was a gymnast from 9-20 and pursuing acting from 18-now at 42 (and three kids later) and I appreciate how you spoke about how weight can co-mingle with our dreams or visions of success even if it’s not true. I live with MS and I’m like you – I may deal with it daily but I feel stronger than ever because I know who I am. Keep up the great work!

  2. Megan says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sam. Thank you for talking about this in relation to our work as actors in the entertainment industry as well. I also wish I had an article like this when I was younger, but I have some sort of faith that the conversation for younger generations of actors will begin to shift. The more I have conversations about performer’s body image traumas and hear different actors’ stories, the more my heart breaks.

    One of my best friends in college and I were able to connect over this stuff throughout our college careers, but since opening up the conversation with my other peers, especially those I went to school with, did shows with, and was acquainted with throughout the times I was struggling, the more I realize WE ALLLLL STRUGGLED // are still struggling. And dang, I wish we had all had opened the flood gates to speak about these things back then, instead of waiting until now.

    All of this to say, thank you for your vulnerability. I am so glad you found therapy, and that you’ve found freedom, and I know your story will touch so many other actors <3

  3. DeAnza A says:

    Hey Sam. Found this article as I was searching for something else on your blog, and it found me at a great time! Body image as a woman in entertainment is so difficult to navigate. I too have struggled (and still sometimes struggle), with the idea that I must look a certain way to be “successful” an an actress. But when that thought pops up I wonder what “success” is? Most of the time, I can’t define it in a way that would have me be anything else from what my healthy body is. I hate struggling with this, and watching other actors struggle- but it becomes so much more empowering to love others where they are, and learn to love yourself in the process. Thank you for sharing!!

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