1. I was looking forward to reading this blog although I’m sure it was hard for you. Thank you for writing it, Sam and surfacing those demons to help others in the industry who will definitely face this. Headshot prep alone make people go crazy! I appreciate you sharing your story. Here’s to hoping your day is full of beauty and maybe a cheeseburger ,)

    ~ Jillana

  2. 12kelleymac says:

    Damn good post, so relatable. I love, admire and applaud your raw vulnerability ❤️

  3. Jenna says:

    Thank you for writing this 🙂

  4. Elana Safar says:

    O. My.G-D. When I got to the part about the movie never being made. I’m sure celebrities go through this all the time and are applauded for it. Didn’t Beyoncé famously go on the Lemonade diet for ten days before filming DreamGirls? Thanks for sharing this. It could not have been easy to share but trust you helped a lot of people by doing so!

    • Sam Valentine says:

      Beyoncé also touted being vegan before Coachella to get her body ready. That has and will always bother me to my core.

  5. Hssj says:

    Oh girl, as someone who never had food issues, my first thought was “why would she continue on that diet? Going back to eating 1400 isn’t going to make you suddenly gain the weight back, she could absolutely increase her calories, get healthy, and maintain the weight loss, and if she doesn’t, she can always lose it again when the film does finally have a set shoot date” but I realize that eating disorders aren’t logical and don’t work like that.

  6. Madison says:

    Thank you for sharing this, you aren’t alone. So happy you have a new manager who supports you and your health!

  7. Katie says:

    Sam, this is such am important message, and a powerful story. I hope your metabolism managed to recover and your organ function went back to normal. I was an elite lightweight rower for the US for a few years, and did this same thing to my body for most of my early 20s (not quite as extreme with the calorie restriction, and I was burning an average of ~3,500 calories a day with training and restricting daily by about 500) for more than a year. I ended up nearly ruining my reproductive system permanently, and caused severe digestive system damage as well. I did all of it because our head coach told me I was just a bit too small to ever make it as an Elite competitive open-weight rower, so if I wanted to make it to the world championship team, I had to go lightweight. The digestive problems ended up being the main reason why I ultimately had to quit training as an elite lightweight rower. Now having entered the entertainment industry, this just tells me people might never stop asking me to be leaner… If you ever want to do a podcast about dieting, over-exercise, and body issues, I would be more than happy to join the discussion from an athlete’s perspective.
    I love your vulnerability to be able to talk about it, and strive to do the same.

    • Sam Valentine says:

      Damn girl, that is a crazy ask that I feel like goes unnoticed so much of the time. It’s so important to figure out what baggage you’re carrying vs what you’ve been told to carry!

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