sharing the day to day
life of a working actor..
plus a few lessons I learn in the process. 

sam valentine is:
one broke actress

I moved to LA with a Theatre degree and more conviction than I had dollars and proceeded to spend the better part of a decade trying to be literally anything a breakdown wanted me to be.

I created One Broke Actress because I saw a need for stories and advice of real working actors. A place you can figure out how to edit your Actors Access, find an email template for dropping your reps, and get real tips on what to do when you get a next-day audition when you are face-deep in your third El Compadre flaming margarita.  

Am I the all-knowing being in Hollywood who has booked a billion jobs and made big bucks with acting so therefore I know how to advise people and lead like the Gandhi of Southern California? Negative. But I feel there is a lack of honest sharing from actors who are in the thick of it. This career path is crazy AF but that doesn't mean you have to be. So let's get real and maybe learn a life lesson or two in the process. 

questions asked - lessons learned

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